Executive Officers

Executive Officers

Seneschal (President) - Syr Yesungge Altan
Mike Burnett 668-2985

Herald (Sargent-at-Arms) - Lord Wynfrið æt Huntandune
Paul McCulloch 752-2158
( herald@distantshore.eastkingdom.org)

Knight Marshal (Combat Activities) - Vacant

Chancellor (Treasurer) - Lady Eadwynn æt Hræfneshyrste
Edna McCulloch 752-2158
( exchequer@distantshore.eastkingdom.org)

Chronicler (Secretary) - Mistress Elizabeth Darnley
Sarah Paterson 668-2985
( chronicler@distantshore.eastkingdom.org)

Arts & Sciences (Vice President of Research) - Baron Donnal O'Neil
Mike McDonald ( mas@distantshore.eastkingdom.org)

Chatelaine (Public Relations) - Vacant

Webminister (Distant Shore website) - Lord Wynfrið æt Huntandune
Paul McCulloch 752-2158
( webminister@distantshore.eastkingdom.org)

Please contact any of the above officers for additional information, or if you
have any questions regarding our local reenactment group.

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